What to Expect at Your First Massage Appointment Sonia Massage Parlour

WHAT THINGS TO Expect IN YOUR First Therapeutic massage Appointment

Have you got questions like: Do I must undress completely? Will it really hurt? Will there be anything I will do to get ready? What will Personally i think like after? What’s the process?

Those questions can be replied with the easy statement – This will depend after your targets and desired result. Some clients expect rest, some expect treatment while others expect improved upon athletic performance.

You can find, however, some elements common to all or any first body massage parlour in Kolkata visits and after care and attention instructions.

Consumption and Consultation

First, you are asked to complete a customer intake form. This form alerts the therapist to any special needs, regions of target or treatment contraindication. Be as detailed as possible and become ready to briefly discuss any conditions that will impede or increase your massage.

This is a great time to go over the techniques used as well as your comfort levels; tolerance to pressure, amount of undress.

Privateness and Comfort

Following a simple assessment in the rub room, the therapist leaves you in personal privacy to disrobe to your comfort and ease. There are a few massage techniques that may be performed while totally clothed if you are unpleasant disrobing in any way; Shiatsu, for example.

Lie down up for grabs; usually face down, with your mind reinforced by a cushioned face cradle. Cover yourself with the bed linens provided. You are completely protected while laying on the rub table. Only the region being cured is uncovered.

Room temperature, heat pads and Full Body Massage in Kolkata position are adjustable. Please ask for the thing you need for your comfort.

Massage Opportunity and Technique

A complete body massage therapy usually includes: the facial skin and scalp, throat, shoulders, top and lower back again, forearms, hands, gluts, thighs, and ft. If there are any areas to avoid, allow therapist know in through the consultation.

Most massage therapy therapist use a blend of techniques. Two therapists trained by the same college customize the techniques and should never be a similar. Therefore, choosing your therapist can be an intensely personal decision. Communication and responsiveness will be the keys to an effective romance with a specialist.


The techniques applied are identified through the discussion process and by conditions that promote themselves during the massage therapy.

The depth of the task runs from less challenging energy work, such as Reiki and leisure techniques, to the greater deep cells and pressure point techniques such as shiatsu, Swedish, result in point remedy, and assisted stretches. The deeper techniques are for harm rehabilitation, improved overall flexibility and athletic performance.

There must be no intolerable pain. The pressure used is to client tolerance, so speak-up if the pressure is too much. Having said that; there are advantages to tolerating some pain, depending on your desired final result. If you’re there for leisure – no pain. If you’re there for improved upon athletic performance – no pain/no gain.


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