Why Everyone Should Get a nude body massage in kolkata Regularly

Each year, more and more massage parlors are being established in different parts of the world. This is not really very surprising because the demand for good massage service has indeed been constantly rising for quite some time now. People are realizing just how much a good body massage parlour in kolkata can help them feel more relaxed and free from the stress brought about by daily life.


But aside from the comfort and relaxation that a good massage can give, there are actually several other health benefits that we can enjoy simply by getting a massage on a regular basis. If you are one of those people who still need some convincing before you make that first appointment at the massage parlor, the following benefits might just help you make your decision.

    • Better blood circulation. The pressure of a full body massage improves the circulation of blood, allowing oxygen and other essential nutrients to reach even the remotest parts of your body. An improved circulatory system also leads to improvement in the appearance of your skin, which in turn makes you look healthier, more beautiful and younger.


    • Increased flexibility. As we get older, our joints become stiffer and less flexible, and this problem is exacerbated further if we sit in front of a desk the whole day, which is what most people do. A massage at the end of the day can ensure that your joints and muscles remain flexible.


    • Release of endorphins. Our bodies naturally produce endorphins to help relieve pain during times of injury. You can help a lot with the endorphin production simply by getting a nude body massage in kolkata, which should be very useful if you are recovering from a physical injury or even if you are simply feeling an overall ache in your body due to the stresses of your regular routine.


  • Treatment of migraines and other medical problems. Not many people realize it but a massage can actually do for you what some medications can. In other words, if you are able to get a good professional massage, you won’t have to take certain medications, such as those for migraine, which may even cause side effects.

Even if you are not suffering from any pain or discomfort, it is still recommended that you get a massage on a regular basis because this is a very effective preventive measure against many health problems. You can even invest in your own body massage parlour in south kolkata table so that you can enjoy the massage in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Types of unisex massage center in kolkata

Massage, is the periodic application of pressure or vibration to manipulate deeper layers of muscles and tissues which lead to their enhancement and gives relaxation and well-being. With a hectic life stress rates are increasing all over & people are always searching for more effective methods & places like Park City to bust stress and improve well-being. A good Erotic body body massage in kolkata by the hands of a therapist works in many ways for the emotional, physical, mental & spiritual health of a person.

The styles and technique are different at every spa & individual therapists have their unique style as their favorite. There are many different kinds that exist and they include both traditional & modern methods & a combination of several. Some have become favorites among people.

1. Swedish massages.
This is the most common type of massage, it includes pressing, friction or rubbing, flowing movements on parts of the body which stimulates the flow of blood. The therapist makes circular motion on the upper layers of inflamed tissues or muscles & applies lotions or oils to minimize friction. This detoxifies, nourishes and relaxes the muscles.


2. Hot stone massage.
hot & smooth basalt or other stones are used for this. Hot stones are strategically placed on pressure points over the body and one used by the therapist to apply pressure. The heated stone warms & relaxes muscles allowing for a deeper relief that gives a better feeling. This type has been proven to be highly effective although it is not used as much. Hot stone massage benefits the client & the therapist equally.

3. Deep tissue massage.
in This type the deeper layers of muscles tissue is focused on. The aim here is releasing the stress patterns in the body. Longer strokes with deeper pressure are applied on the affected muscle group. This helps relaxing &soothing of muscles, removal of toxins. This type is best for sports athletes.

4. Chair massage.
The chair massage is a very simple body massage parlour in south kolkata style in which the person sits, relaxed on a vibrating chair designed for massaging the upper body. After that, the therapist focuses on the problem areas & completes the massage.

So you can give it a shot at Massage Park City to discover your style. The kinds of massages discussed are only 1% there are many others like reflexology, and Asian techniques. The massage therapy used on a client depends on the problem areas the client has & steps that the therapy applies.

Enjoy a Massage at Every Vacation

You may associate a Full Body Massage in Kolkata with a fast-paced executive lifestyle. Toward the end of a long week or during a harrying marketing campaign, you hear power executives talking about how much they’re looking forward to a getaway at the beach, or the spa, and how they would like a good, long massage on top of everything. The way massage is being talked about, you’d imagine the benefits of a massage were exclusive to the rich and the powerful — but this is a common misconception.

Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the benefits of a massage. Saving up for a trip to the spa at month’s end is actually saving up not for an extravagant splurging date, but for a healthy break. Massage is good for the body and for the mind, in cleaning away negative thoughts and the buildup of toxins inside the body’s system.


Healing Benefits of a Massage

Unbeknownst to many, massage actually helps in the treatment of certain ailments. Anemic people are avail of the healing benefits of massage because massage dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation, and increases red blood cells. Paralytic patients definitely benefit from the physical therapy value of regular massage, as this prevents or delays muscular atrophy caused by inactivity. While massage pushes out waste substances from the body, it also heightens the body’s retention of essential substances, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur, which aid in repairing bone fractures. Massage also lessens swelling and inflammation in the joints by improving circulation around the joints, and letting the body’s nutrients flow into them more easily.

Benefits of a Massage During Pregnancy

The benefits of a body massage parlour in kolkata need not pass by pregnant women! In fact, it is arguably when one is pregnant that one most needs to relax and detoxify one’s body. Massage also stabilizes hormones by stimulating the glandular functions, resulting in less discomfort. Cramping and nervousness are eased by massage, which would enable both mommy and the baby inside her to sleep better!

Pregnancy is a uniquely delicate state, however. Great care must be taken in moving limbs and applying pressure to the muscles. The use of certain essential oils may also be harmful, so it is best to have massage conducted only by an expert aromatherapist.

Benefit of Hot Stone Massage SONIA South Kolkata

More and more, hot stone massages are being appreciated worldwide because of their healing benefits and their ability to relieve stress. It is being increasingly demanded at many spas and wellness centers and is also being used in therapy. While stones have always being used for construction or decoration, in the past few years, some specific stones have being found to be good instruments for body massage. A massage stone is a smooth, flat and heated or cold rock used for body massage parlour in kolkata.

The massage stone was first used traditionally by some tribes in South America and Asia. The recent revival of hot stone therapy in the U.S was by Mary Nelson of Arizona who introduced the LaStone Therapy.

Different types of stones are used for stone body massages some of which are sardonyx, marble, jade and basalt. Basalt is the most used stone for this purpose because of its greater capacity to retain heat energy. It is placed in water and heated to attain a certain temperature range; then it is placed at specific points (generally the back or other parts like palm of hand and legs) of the body. The heat energy transferred to the body generates great benefits to the body.

Hot stone massage is known to have several benefits some of which are:

Muscle Relaxation: The heat from the stone causes greater relaxation of the muscles. This helps the therapist to manipulate the inner tissues more effectively. Some athletes have particularly tense muscles which make regular massage a challenge; these stones provide the energy required to soften them before the therapist continuous with deeper massage.


Improved Circulation: The therapists generally allow the stones to lie on the body parts for a while before starting the massage. The energy absorbed by the body tissues penetrates deep and causes the widening of blood vessels and the result is a more fluent circulation of blood round the body. This is important for an improved state of health.

Pain killer: All other methods of massage can help relieve pain generally caused by injuries, stiff joints or tense muscles. However, heated stone massage is more effective because of the intense nature of the nude body massage in kolkata. A heated stone massage leaves a better feeling because it permits the therapist to perform a deeper massage effectively as compared to other methods. Many times, pain is stress related and nothing eases stress as effectively as a heated stone massage.

Mental benefits: The relaxation gained from a warm stone massage helps ease mental stress and tension. Hot stone massage has been used in a complimentary way to traditional medical therapy and has many times been incorporated into the treatment plan of a patient. It is not a substitute for professional care but it is a great enhancer.

Wellness: Warm stone therapy is also used to achieve wellness as it is associated with balance and harmony. Hot stone massages have been known to cure insomnia and depression. Since they are used to release deadly toxins from the body, they naturally augment the curing of whatever condition was tied to those toxins.


Rejuvenate Yourself With A Soothing Massage

Once in a while, you should pamper your body with a luxury massage which not only relaxes your muscles but also rejuvenates your mind. You can choose a massage that best suits your needs from an interesting variety offered by various spas.

A massage is a great way to stimulate the senses, relieve tension and relax the stressed muscles of the body massage parlour in south kolkata. You may choose from a variety: deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, hot stone massage and more. You can rejuvenate your mind and body by visiting a good spa that offers a nourishing massage. A therapeutic massage triggers the blood circulation and emphasizes healing injured muscles. Whether you want to release stress or release a muscle spasm, you can opt for a massage that penetrates deep into your muscles.


A Swedish massage is quite popular as it helps in relaxing the muscles in the gentlest way. A variety of oils is used to make the skin smooth so as to allow the therapist to give various strokes like gliding, friction, tapping, and kneading, stretching and circular movements on your body. Ranging from light to firm, you can select the level of pressure put on different parts of your body by the therapist. It is best suited if you are getting a massage for the first time.

For a more intensive sexual body massage in south kolkata with the pressure that is quite firm, you can opt for a deep tissue massage. As the name suggests, deep tissue massage reaches the deeper tissues of the muscles. Deep tissue massage puts more pressure on the body as compared to a Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage is mainly focused upon the muscles that are greatly stressed or have chronic knots. If you feel too much pressure or pain, quickly inform your therapist.

Spas offer massages enriched with essential oils that are extracted from different parts of trees like flowers, seeds, leaves, bark, and roots. Aromatherapy massage uses a mixture of essential oils such as grape seed oil, sweet almond, apricot kernel, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and many others. These oils are chosen on the basis of your needs. Sports massage is beneficial when you want to focus on a single part of your body that causes problems. If you have pulled a hamstring, have joint pain or a frozen shoulder, you can get a sports massage rather than a full-body massage.

The Health Benefits of a Massage calling SONIA South Kolkata® today

For thousands of years, simple but very powerful hand and finger body massage parlour in south kolkata and pressure techniques have been part of the natural healing system of China, Japan, India and other great civilizations around the globe. It is believed that the healing power and health benefits from massages will bring relief from pain and eliminate a wide variety of common ailments without drugs, medical procedures, and with no side effects. With the help of massages, you will be able to safely and simply restore balance, renew energy and vitality, relieve stress and tension, and alleviate everyday aches and pains and common complaints such as headaches, menstrual cramps, neck pain, and eye strain. Massages help the body heal itself.

These ancient treatment modalities of massage can be used effectively in conjunction with modern Western medicine, and are being used in exactly that way in hospitals everywhere but only recently.

The Western approach to wellness
Modern western Medicine has not focused so much on the health benefits of body massage parlour in kolkata and other holistic methods. Instead, it has given its attention almost entirely to curing disease, rather than creating health. Its expertise relies in surgery and medications to restore health once a person becomes ill. Many lives have been saved by this approach, sometime almost miraculously. However, drugs often have a toxic side effect, which weaken the body, causing future problems which then have to be treated with more drugs.

The Eastern approach to wellness to using massage therapy
The approach of natural healing systems from the East is quite different. Their primary goal is not to heal the disease once it occurs, but to prevent it. These systems encourage good health by paying attention to balance in one’s own life through diet, exercise, meditation, and stress management. Massages are especially beneficial for stress management.

Given all of the evidence of the health benefits of massage, You would think a regular massage would be as important to us as taking our daily vitamins and evening walk. The good news is that the West is finally catching up. Massages are now offered at almost all major hotels and spas. They are offered on cruises and in hair salons and most recently in a well-known health food chain grocery store in the US and Canada. Yes, you can now buy a gallon of milk and have a lovely Shiatsu massage all in the same afternoon.


Messages involve releasing tension from the muscles in the body and there are several variations of massages using specific pressure points. Two of the most popular are the Swedish massage and Shiatsu massages.

Shiatsu, a form of massage to promote good health
Shiatsu, like other finger pressure nude body massage in kolkata therapies, is part of a holistic approach to good health. Blockages in the energy flow and imbalances in the system are often a consequence of personal habits in diet and activity, as well as our personal perceptions, thoughts and emotional reactions. Other factors, such as age, lifestyle, even the weather all play a part.

Because of the interconnectedness of so many factors, it is important to not use Shiatsu message therapy in the typical way many people today use medicines: popping a pill to relieve symptoms rather than finding out why they have the problem and correcting the underlying cause. For example, taking an antacid may relieve a stomach ache, but the cause was probably from over-eating, or eating foods that are too heavy, too greasy or too spicy for you. That doesn’t mean its wrong to seek symptom relief when something hurts or is out of balance. But it’s a mistake to rely on the “magic bullet” approach rather than seeking out and correcting the cause, because the same symptom will repeatedly arise until you amend your lifestyle.

Simply put, we only employ the most stunningly beautiful, young, educated, and sophisticated masseuses in the Capital. Once you’ve tried one of our Pearls, nothing else will ever come close. Enter into a world of rapture by calling SONIA South Kolkata® today.

What Benefits Can You Enjoy From Regular Sonia Massage Parlour

Getting a body massage parlour in south kolkata at the end of each day is one of the simple luxuries of life. There are few experiences that are as relaxing and therapeutic as a good daily massage. Without a doubt, the most notable benefit of a massage is that relaxed and rejuvenated feeling that you get afterwards. It’s like all the stress of the day has magically melted away and you are even able to think more clearly.

Aside from these typical benefits that we all know about, there are actually many other advantages that an efficient massage can bring you. Following are the most remarkable of these benefits:

1. Younger-looking skin. The kneading motion of a massage, especially a hard massage, is very helpful in exfoliating the skin and eliminating dead cells that clog up the pores. Furthermore, the oils and lotions that are typically rubbed onto the skin during a massage contain natural moisturizers that prevent dryness, thus helping the skin retain its elasticity and suppleness.

2. Better blood circulation. Efficient blood flow is essential to so many different aspects of health. First of all, it improves the health of your cardiovascular system and dramatically reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack. It also improves the transfer of nutrients to your various body parts, which also makes for better overall health.

3. Stronger muscles. Not many people realize it but your muscles can work so much better if they are able to relax from time to time. For sure, exercise is good for toning the muscles and keeping them strong but it is also not advisable to keep your muscles tensed and taut most of the time because this can get uncomfortable or painful. It is just as important to give them the chance to relax, which is exactly what happens during a good massage.


4. Internal body cleansing. During a full body massage, your muscles and joints become relaxed because of the properly applied pressure onto the different parts of the body. At the same time, toxins that are trapped inside your body are loosened as well so that they can be more easily and thoroughly released. The overall effect is a cleaner body and better physical health.

5. Improved lymph circulation. The many lymph nodes in your body are the ones that are responsible for secreting hormones that fight infection and that protect you against many illnesses. With regular massage treatments, the lymphatic system is boosted and becomes capable of producing these helpful hormones in greater amounts and in less time.

6. Elimination of mental fatigue. Most people are aware that a massage can alleviate physical stress. In fact, this benefit is precisely why so many people want to get a massage as often as they possibly can. But it is not only the body that benefits from a reduction of stress during a massage but the mind as well. Mental fatigue can be erased simply with a good massage treatment at the end of the day. After a one or two-hour massage, you will notice that your thinking is sharper and your power of concentration is greatly improved.

7. Happier life. Money certainly cannot buy happiness but if you spend a few dollars on a really good massage treatment, then that is a completely different matter altogether. As mentioned, a massage can get rid of stress which in turn can improve your mood and overall disposition. You won’t feel too irritable and will eventually have better relationships with the people around you. When combined with a positive attitude, regular massage can certainly take you on the path to a much happier and fulfilling life.

With all these benefits, it goes without saying that everyone should try to get a massage as frequently as possible. However, it must also be understood that not all kinds of massage will be able to bring about such benefits.

First of all, the sexual body massage in south kolkata therapist will need to be quite adept with their hands and they should be educated on the right techniques to use that will give the best results. They should also be able to address the areas of the body that really need attention. Furthermore, the right kind of equipment, specifically massage tables, must be used in order to deliver the most advantageous results from the massage.

If you have the time and the money to spend, it would be a great idea of get a professional body massage parlour in kolkata every single day after you go home from work or even shortly before you go to bed at night. In order to enjoy this experience, however, you would need to buy your own massage table so that you won’t have to leave the house to get the massage and so that you can completely relax in your own home as soon as the massage is over.
Simply put, we only employ the most stunningly beautiful, young, educated, and sophisticated masseuses in the Capital. Once you’ve tried one of our Pearls, nothing else will ever come close. Enter into a world of rapture by calling SONIA South Kolkata® today.9674701289