Benefits of Getting a Weekly number one massage parlour in south kolkata

There are many benefits to getting a massage on a regular basis. Besides just enjoying the pleasure, a wide variety of health and personal benefits exist that further support the notion of weekly massages.

Massage services can be somewhat expensive, but certain places will offer you discounts if you come often enough. Either that, or you can sign up for a plan that saves you money, which would be a lot more affordable than buying massages each time you come in. Depending on what business you go to, and if it is independently owned, you may be able to form a relationship with the owners and further drive down the price.


The primary benefit of weekly nude body massage in kolkata is the relief that is given to different parts of the body. Over the course of the week, tension builds in many places, and it can inhibit our daily activities. A massage relieves this physical stress and enables you to operate at an optimal level. This is invaluable in this fast-paced world, and you will find that the investment in massage services quickly pays off in the way you feel and the increased productivity you have.

Being productive is meaningless if we are not healthy, and there are tons of health problems out there that can bring us down at any moment. Massages stimulate portions of the body that are responsible for fighting off conditions, and having your body regularly recharged in this way is overall beneficial to your health. Most importantly, the positive feelings generated from number one massage parlour in south kolkata reduces stress to an almost nonexistent level, and since stress is a major contributor to heart disease and cancer, this is certainly an important factor.

Getting a body massage parlour in south kolkata improves your focus, both after and during the massage. It enables you to think more clearly without having to worry about troubles that perpetually cross our minds. Experiencing clouded thinking can be very unpleasant and debilitating, and being free of this is quite liberating. For all these reasons and more, you should definitely consider a weekly massage, or at least one on a less frequent basis.

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Getting a Reliable Erotic body body massage in kolkata

There are many ways of showing beauty and love to your loved one. The Erotic body body massage in kolkata is the best and most used method of showing love in a personal way. However, this might not always be so especially when you get the wrong spa to get the massage.

The first thing that you should consider when searching for an exotic massage is the location of the facility. The urge to get your body rubbed and kneaded might arise often and getting the facility that is close to your home could be very beneficial. This will save on transportation cost as well as enable you get the facilities when the need arises.


Another thing that you should consider is the experience of the body massage parlour in south kolkata provider. It is advisable to always go for the facilities that have been running for a longer period of time. This is because they have gained a diverse skill when it comes to body massage and will certainly give you a good service. Moreover, this experienced facility has all the needed equipment to help you get the best service.

The cost should never be left behind. No matter what, always enroll in a massage facility that you can easily afford without straining your monthly budget. This will enable you get the best out of them and also have their services more often without any strain. The cost of the services will also influence the duration of your massage.

However, it is always advisable to get advice before going to any unisex massage center in kolkata. This will help avoid the hidden charges and give you a general idea of what to expect. Do your research before taking any action.


Simply put, we only employ the most stunningly beautiful, young, educated, and sophisticated masseuses in the Capital. Once you’ve tried one of our Pearls, nothing else will ever come close. Enter into a world of rapture by calling SONIA South Kolkata® today.9674701289

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How Massage Can Help Reduce Stress and Prevent Injury

Unisex massage center in kolkata is so essential for overall wellness in the body. Prevention is the key here! So rather than wait until you are experiencing the pain and discomfort of injury or you feel the overwhelming stress build up in your body, use massage to reduce stress and prevent injury.

Why consider regular massage:

– Reduces muscle tension
– Improves circulation
– Stimulation of lymphatic system and helps to eliminate toxins
– Boosts immune system
– Reduction of stress hormones
– Deeply relaxes the body and mind
– Reduces anxiety and depression
– Improves skin tone
– Improves concentration and alertness

Types of Massage:

Harmony Massage – Deep relaxation, using form pressure if required. Fall into a beautiful healing space of gentleness and nurturing.

Oriental Bodywork – Use of Chinese medicine techniques such as needling, cupping, spooning and acupuncture massage.


Remedial Massage – More clinical if experiencing a particular locomotor system problem. Using deep tissue and remedial techniques.

Pregnancy massage – As a woman moves through her pregnancy, she can experience changes in the body and stress on some areas that can cause discomfort. Ensures the utmost comfort for pregnant women, so that they can experience a treatment that nurtures and relaxes, whilst also tending to any problem areas. Regular massage throughout pregnancy can provide so many benefits, including:

  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Relief from muscle cramps and spasms and any other discomfort.
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling.
  • Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints.
  • Improves outcome of labor and can ease labor pain.
  • improves skin tone throughout pregnancy
  • Provides physical and emotional support

Post-natal Massage – Post natal number one massage parlour in south kolkata is so valuable. Not only is it a chance for the new mother to have some time out to relax, nurture and gather herself but it is also great for helping to reduce any stresses, provide support and release tension from any areas that may be causing discomfort from breastfeeding.

‘Mother Roasting’ – This is an ancient treatment practiced by many different cultures in slightly varied ways. Usually performed 2 weeks after the birth, ‘Mother Roasting’ is a process of warming the womb and the body to aid recovery.

Every Body Deserves A number one massage parlour in south kolkata

Whether you are looking to maintain physical health or just indulge in a bit of relaxation, professional massage therapy will melt away your stress and rid your muscles of tension.

You may think of body massage parlour in south kolkata as simple an extravagant luxury but today more and more health experts are espousing the benefits of massage. The benefits of massage, according to the Mayo Clinic, include:

Stress relief
Managing anxiety and depression
Pain management
Decreased stiffness
Blood pressure control
Infant growth
Sports-related injury rehabilitation
Boosting immunity
Cancer treatment

In fact, a study conducted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles found that a single massage therapy session caused biological changes. That’s right, positive health benefits from a single session. Imagine what a consistent regime could do for you and your stress levels. Caring for your body should be a priority!


So, now that you know that massage does more than just making you feel good, find a professional massage therapist and get started. Make sure that you ask about their training and experience to ensure that you are getting a well-trained professional. A professional therapist can help you choose the right type of massage for you goals. Whatever your massage preference, relaxation, sports recovery, deep tissue massage, or one of the other many types of massage services available, your therapist is sure to recommend the right one.

To maximize your massage experience, please provide plenty of feedback to your therapist so that they can customize the perfect number one massage parlour in south kolkata for you. If the room temperature is not comfortable, or the pressure is too hard or too soft, or if you just want to ask a question. Do feel free to speak up and let your therapist know. Almost all massage therapists do enjoy their jobs and want you to have an awesome massage experience.

Now that you know that massage is not a frivolous indulgence, go enjoy a professional massage therapy session and reap the associated physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. After experiencing the skilled touch of a professional therapist, you will want to come back again and again.

Massage – Ancient Art in Modern Hands

Touch is one of the highest expressions of love, and love is our purpose for living. What we strive for in life is emotional comfort (serenity, relaxation). Massage can be cathartic in this regard. When the body is relaxed, the mind can let go. As the mind opens, self-awareness begins.

Erotic body body massage in kolkata is a valuable tool in learning about yourself. It is a means of obtaining love and comfort, feeling your own skin through another person’s hands, balancing and relaxing your body, loving yourself.

Massage can be a brief yet powerful vacation. It soothes the nerves, makes aching muscles feel better and gets the blood flowing. A massage can wake you up, or put you to sleep.

Massage is a way to gain happiness through healthiness. Allow yourself to concentrate more on the pleasures of receiving massage rather than on anxieties — the mind chatter that could become obsessive, if you let it.


What to Expect

No two massages are alike. Each is as unique as the person who gives it. When you seek a massage, know what kind you want. Massage is simply a variety of strokes and pressures. Swedish massage employs any combination of oils (creams are acceptable, too, but require repeated application); in it, one kneads the body like bread, using “petrissage,” and uses long, firm strokes called “effleurage.” Shiatsu, jin shin jiutsu, reflexology and acupressure are zone therapies concentrating pressure or energy on various points along your body’s “meridians”. Rolfers give a deep massage reaching behind muscles for joints, bone origins and cartilage (i.e., that between the ribs and up the nasal cavity) sometimes leaving bruises. The desired effect after ten sessions is a structural realignment of your body.

You have a right to expect what feels best for you. This is where communication comes in. Know where your pains are (if you have any) and describe them to your practitioner. S/he can easily modify a general body massage to fit your needs.

Where to Get a Massage

A quick glance through the yellow pages will tell you where to find a massage. Look for massage schools and therapeutic massage services. A school may offer massage on their premises (by students or instructors) or can refer you to graduates with private practices. If you wish, the practitioner can come to your home. Certain health clubs employ massage therapists who specialize in half-hour “slap-down” rubs after your workout.

A good, thorough session lasts from forty-five minutes to one hour or longer, and costs $30 to $50 and up. Some establishments offer a sauna, Jacuzzi and/or steam bath; most facilities have showers.

It is important to feel comfortable with the massage therapist. Any feelings of discomfort from the beginning will only increase during the session and you will not enjoy the massage. Better to walk the yellow pages again than submit yourself to someone you cannot trust. Remember that massage uniquely is an art expression. The giver must be clear about why s/he does what s/he does; this becomes evident in her “handiwork.”

The massage environment — preferably a small, warm, darkened room — is also important. You will not be able to relax if you can hear someone working out with weights in the next room. If possible, there should be complete silence or meditative music that allows the mind to relax.

Self Massage

In case you are in need of healing touch and no one is readily available to help you, try self-massage. This can entail a “spot” rub, such as the feet, hands, head, face, back, neck; or a full-body massage. It’s as simple as applying your favorite lotion or oil to your body, really getting into the warmth and healing energy of your hands and varying the pressure. Experiment with your technique. Try pinching, kneading, rolling the skin between thumb and fingers and patting. Locate “trigger” points, where muscle attaches to bone, and rub deeply in a clockwise direction. You might be surprised at how relaxing just five minutes of self-massage can feel. Of course, your self-unisex massage center in kolkata can last as long as you desire.

The more you learn of yourself through massage and/or self-massage, the better you will feel, the more self-confidence you may exude in the outside world.

Beauty Salon – All You Need to Know

Beauty salons have come up as the ultimate destination for those ladies who wish to accentuate their features and improve their looks. Both men as well as women are now eagerly experimenting with their looks at these salons by wearing professional make up. They are also making efforts to take their beauty to a higher degree of perfection and glamour.

To make your looks more endearing, it is essential that all the makeup products should be applied aptly. For assistance to those who don’t have expertise on how to apply makeup rightly, there are many beauty kits available to assist in them in this uneasy task.

Makeup tips by beauty parlours prove to be very helpful for those who wish to be their own make up artist. But approaching beauty parlours promise that you will get your makeup done with great responsibility provided the salon is reputable and make up products applied are as per individual qualities. Beauty make up products if applied rightly, deliver great help in accentuation of feminine features, improving her overall appearance and sophistication.

Beauty Saloon supply righteousness and accuracy with the amount of beauty products required to be applied. Makeup artists at beauty salons are well aware as to where they have to impart detailing without making your make up look odd or aggressive. Often when one receives a make up palette kit the gist to wear as much as possible dominates the makeup process.


To keep a check on the essentially and suitability, the makeup artists at beauty salons supply perfection and equivalence to the need for makeup. Beauty Erotic body body massage in kolkata endeavor to add to your feminine glamour and improve the overall image by selecting the right makeup shades that compliments your dressing theme. Thus all this adds up to the aesthetic sense of styling and dressing up for special occasions. Apart from makeup, beauty salons also add to your hair styling and make improved adjustments with your contemporary outfits.

Beauty spas are yet other vastly visited places by woman. Beauty unisex massage center in kolkata endow relaxing massage therapies that are moistures and nurtures once body. Also, the message therapy and steaming stands quite relieving for those who wish to rejuvenate their spirits after spending their day in their daily hectic schedules. The treatment offered at beauty body massage parlour in south kolkata, makes your skin feel better and more adaptable to makeup leaving a stunning effects to the overall looks.

Different Types of Massage awesome body massage parlour in south kolkata

Although massage has in common the manipulation of tissues, muscles, tendons, joints, skin, lymph systems and organs, the methods used vary considerably.

The purposes are usually to induce relaxation or relieve pain and stiffness. Most frequently oils and lotions are used to lubricate the skin, and the recipient of the massage lies on a table or on a mat on the floor, partially covered by cloths or towels. The hands, fingers and arms of the massage therapist are used, but sometimes also elbows, knees and feet as well as vibrating devices and even heated stones.
Some of the more common ones are the following:

* Acupressure is similar to acupuncture where the pressure points are identified and pins are applied, except that pressure is applied with the elbows or hands instead of pins.

* Balinese massage involves very gentle stroking, folding of the skin or application of hot stones. The object of this massage is to induce comfort and relaxation as well as improved circulation and energy levels. Aromatherapy is also used.

* Barefoot deep pressure massage is the use of the body massage parlour in south kolkata therapist’s feet to produce deep pressure without the sharp pinpoint pressure effect of the fingers. This is believed to work well on the large flat muscles of athletes.

* Deep tissue massage is a very highly skilled massage that reaches down below the surfaces of the muscles. It is used to treat muscular skeletal disorders. Qualification in physiology and some medical knowledge is necessary to use this method effectively and to avoid further harm or damage to the recipient of the massage treatment.


* The Bowen massage method avoids deep pressures and involves a lighter rolling movement that is believed to relieve muscle strain and restore the flow of the lymphatic system.

* In the Breema system, the recipient remains fully clothed on the floor. It is more an exercise of rythmical stretches than the more usual massage.

* Hilot is a Philippino system of massage that is very gentle and involves manipulation of the joints, especially after strains, sprains and dislocation. It is sometimes used to help women after giving birth to help them to a quick recovery. Banana leaves and herbs are sometime used as well.

* Japanese shaihatsu is similar to acupressure, in that the meridians of energy in the body are identified and pressed with the fingers and hands, sometimes the feet and hot stones too, but in addition stretches are used.

* Reflexology nude body massage in kolkata involves massage of certain reflexes in the hands and feet in order to treat dysfunction in the related organs, glands or other parts of the body. It is believed that every part of the body relates to a particular reflex in the hands or feet.

* Thai massage is related to yoga and the ayurveda religious belief from India. It involves unisex massage center in kolkata while the recipient is in various yoga positions. Stretching and acupressure may also be applied.

Simply put, we only employ the most stunningly beautiful, young, educated, and sophisticated masseuses in the Capital. Once you’ve tried one of our Pearls, nothing else will ever come close. Enter into a world of rapture by calling SONIA South Kolkata® today.9674701289