Getting a Great Massage, Every Night

Massages are great. They make you feel good, they take away stress and they help improve circulation in the body. Studies have found that massages can do a large number of healthy things to the body, but sadly, very few people can benefit from having a number one massage parlour in south kolkata. It is not so much the money impedes them, but the time they have to devote to their lives and their work. However, that has changed with adjustable massage beds, often called electric adjustable beds.

Massage beds do exactly as the name suggests. A person lays down on them, and then rollers begin to move under the body, while infrared heat will sometimes be used to relax the muscles. The rollers will move the muscles, giving the person the ability to feel relaxed and more at ease. Within 20 minutes, if the person has not fallen asleep, they will fall asleep soon enough. Many people cite the benefits of a massage bed as revolutionary because of how it helps the body.


People with back pain and other medical conditions have reported that a sexual body massage in south kolkata bed has given them the ability to live normal lives. Through the massaging on their bodies, they are able to relax and feel at ease. Even those who suffer from large amounts of stress are able to get to the relaxed state that is generated from a massage. It is no wonder that electric adjustable beds have become so popular across the planet.

Generally, you will pay a few thousand dollars for a a specialty bed. This may seem like a lot, but think of how much money you pay each year for a masseuse to do exactly what these beds do. Most likely it costs more, and it takes more time for you to go to the massage parlour and get the massage. However, with a massage bed, you can go to bed for the night and get the massage. You are not out anytime, you save money and when you wake up the next day, you feel good and ready to tackle another day. This is the power of these beds offer, and it is why so many people are starting to jump on the bandwagon.

When you are selecting a nude body massage in kolkata bed, you want to make sure you buy one that is right for you. Different beds may work different parts of the body. If you have sore necks in the morning, then having a bed that works the neck muscles may be what you are looking for. Joint troubles may require a different type of massaging bed. Most massage beds will massage all the body, but you need to ensure you get a massage where you need it. If you don’t you could lose out on the opportunity for a relaxing sleep and a healthy body from a massaging option that may be tailored more for you.

Service Time For awesome body massage parlour in south kolkata

Picture yourself lying flat on a massage table whilst Soothing music being piped straight to your soul. The air is rife with calming aromatic candles’ smell. Your therapist then massages you with essential oils and before you know it places hot stones at your body’s chakra (energy) points. This is what you should expect when you sign up for the most relaxing of all types of massages: the hot and sonia body massage parlour in kolkata.

The stones are egg sized balsaltic stones, usually gneiss or obelite. They are smooth and are usually gotten form mountain river beds after eons of eroding by the silted waters. The stones are heated by your therapist in a bath of hot water and then placed on your neck, spine, lower back, palms and in between your toes. The sensation is subliminal and all your tension evaporates on contact. The awesome body massage parlour in south kolkata may even want to use them as pressure points if you want a deep tissue massage without exerting a lot of force as they normally would in an ordinary hand massage.


The warmth of the stones is retained for a while because the stones being rich in iron do not dissipate heat energy to the environment that fast. The heat will expand your blood and lymphatic vessels opening up your body’s waste disposal highways onward to better health. The heat also expands your muscles and body tissues allowing greater exchange of nutrients with your blood stream and vice versa with your body’s toxins. All this happens as you gain ecstasy from perfect and intense relaxation.

Once the stones eventually loose their deep seated heat (nothing good lasts forever, huh?) the therapist will replace them with cool marble crystals that are really are at room temperature but feel like ice packs in relation to the hot stones. These will undo what the hot stones did: that is they make your tissues and vessels to constrict. This helps to fast forward the waste and toxin removal form your body. The feeling is subliminal and utterly satisfying in terms of relaxation.

Reduce Your Stress With a Regular Massage Programme

Massage is probably the oldest form of health care. First recorded in China in the second century BC. There are also Egyptian tomb paintings that show people being massaged. This practise was also widely recorded in ancient Greece and Rome.

Although massage seemed to have “died out” in many parts of the western world in the 20th century, it is now making a big comeback. Over the past 30 years or so massage was seen as unfashionable and unsavoury mainly due to the advent of massage parlours and its association with cheap sex.

This image has all but disappeared as awareness of the value and benefits become known. The combination of alternative healing and the modern day disease of stress and stress related illnesses, have sent sexual body massage in south kolkata to the top of the alternative healing list.

In fact massage is now used in intensive care units, with children, elderly people, babies in incubators, and also patients with cancer, AIDS, heart attack and strokes. The majority of hospices in America have some form of massage therapy available. It is also offered in health centres, drug treatment clinics and pain clinics.

One reason for its increased popularity is the number of people working with computers. Sitting at a desk for long hours, hunched over a computer screen can lead to many muscular problems. One common ailment is in the upper back and neck muscles. These muscles become tight causing tension and ultimately, over time, stress. You can easily fall into the habit of “hunching” up your shoulders while working at a computer. Again this will lead to tension and stress.

Most of us are suffering from some form of stress or tension, probably very mild in some cases, chronic in others. In many instances we do not realise it, it has just become a way of life.

Regular therapeutic massage can be the answer. The benefits are many, not just stress. It will help you relax and un-wind. In fact anyone who has experienced a massage will tell you, they felt so relaxed, like floating on air, all of the burdens they were carrying… gone.

For many, booking into a health sonia body massage parlour in kolkata can be expensive, especially with an injury that will require long term visits. However, with the many professional massage DVDs on the market it is quite easy to learn the techniques at home with your partner.